Why choose us?
Deed3D focused on 3D Digitization and Printing Technology for 11 years. We are a company rooted in providing solutions, and through the development of our product and service portfolio. Having worked with hundreds of companies, from various industries, we have gained an understanding of the demands required in research and development, product development, and manufacturing. Our suite of solutions have been carefully selected to ensure that you can meet these demands, while positioning your business for sustainable growth and a competitive advantage. 
What Deed3D Provides

Breakthrough 3d printing

  • The efficient, affordable way to realize your design
  • Great option for speciality low volume, high value parts or products
  • Quick and inexpensive way to get parts in front of clients, investors, and decision makers
  • Fast and high precision
  • Manufacturing by Stratasys 3d printers

What You'll Get

  • High precision
  • High strength
  • Transparent
  • Multi-color
  • Soft-Touch
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